The devil laughed and danced with glee -

"I’ve got them now, this "Christian" country;

For they have forgotten their very roots;

They’ll believe any demon I care to set loose!

When the towers fall it will knock them flat!

They won’t know where their enemy’s at!

So many years its been "anything goes" -

They’ll never guess who is really their foe!"

So, the living bombs came and the towers fell;

But, they were astounded in the regions of hell!

Like a laser of light as the rubble descended

God’s Name in a prayer of unison ascended!

A million prayers, as a shaft of pure light

Besieging God to see our plight!

This nation, as one, fell right to her knees,

Words once used with caution, came now with ease.

We wouldn’t offend - or mix God and law-

We silently let the protocol fall :

"Take out religion, the Bible and prayer,

Our youth need their freedom, experience to share";

The things that we made available then

Were shameful to mention and steeped in sin.

But the seed did not die! When the towers came down

Brave, caring hearts heard a beautiful sound!

The old songs of patriots! Beautiful prayers!

The scriptures of duty and love were all there!

...Sometimes in a tragedy, blessings will come...

You learn by reaction what needs to be done.

"If My people" -(it says it so simple and plain)

The way to our Helper, our Savior and King!

Lord, take off our blinders - let us understand

The basic and dominate roots of our Land!

Joan Clifton Costner

"All Nations that forget God shall perish".

"Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord".

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