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Wave On, Red, White and Blue

Theres a beautiful flag thats waving;

So special for all of my life;

Many times carried to battle

Over mens conflicts and strife.

Ive seen it draped over a casket,

Folded in triangle shape too,

You understand lives were given -

Wave on red, white and blue!

When evil men dare to attack us

Or deal out a terrorist blow;

Our flag is a symbol of status -

Flying high like a torch, up it goes!

On every government building,

Over every ship in the bay,

Every county court house -

Each little church by the way.

And it feels so good the see the red, white and blue

Flying high all across our land,

And there seems to be an endless stream

of songs that we sing,

American, God bless you, - hand in hand...

Well sing them all together once again...

Well raise our flag the highest it has been...

Well stand united singing songs of you...

Wave on! Wave on! Bright red, white, and blue!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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